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WTC Health Program | Responders | Videos

Responders | Videos
Alex's WTC Story
Learn more about the WTC Health Program as members and medical providers share their stories and inspiration. 1-888-982-4748.

Glenn's WTC Story
Glenn, NYPD officer, helped others get the care they needed. The WTC Health Program then helped Glenn recover.

John's WTC Story
John, a construction and demolition worker lost half of his foot working at Ground Zero.

Nick and Allison's WTC Story
Nick worked in dust up to his knees for months trying to restore electricity after 9/11. He became severely ill and faced enormous health bills. The WTC Health Program gave Nick and his family hope.

How one firefighter found health care after becoming sick from 9/11
Stanley, a firefighter, was part of the rescue effort at the North Tower on 9/11. He survived but was left with breathing and other health problems. The WTC Health Program helped Stanley recover.