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'No safe spaces': For Asian Americans, California shootings add to growing mental health crisis

As it does every year, San Francisco senior services agency Self-Help for the Elderly is marking the Lunar New Year by offering its mostly Asian American clients good tidings, special pastries and traditional red envelopes bearing wishes of good health, peace and prosperity. More.

Mass violence impact on mental health

After the recent shooting in Monterey Park, a local psychologist talks about the impacts mass violence has on mental health. In other news, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department announced a new effort to get a life-saving drug out to places where opioid overdoses are likely to happen. More.

His wife died of uterine cancer after 9/11. A new rule may offer closure to a long journey.

Denise Shockley was less than a mile away from the Twin Towers when they were struck on Sept. 11, 2001. She ran from the District Council 37 building on Barclay Street to her family’s home on Greenwich Street in lower Manhattan, fleeing the chaos that shrouded New York City more than two decades ago. More.

New Jersey, you must protect 9/11′s forgotten victims | Opinion

New York and New Jersey share a common bond other than concerns about traffic, tolls, transit and tourism. On September 11, 2001, residents of both states lost loved ones to the terrorist attacks. New Jersey lost 750 people, nearly all of them office workers. More.

Health company for 9/11 first responders still falling short: advocates

The company that took over the contract to treat thousands of ill 9/11 responders around the country is still failing to do the job, advocates charge in a new letter to the firm’s parent company. More.

Uterine Cancer Recognized as 9/11-Related; Working With Cancer; Post-Dx Suicide Risk

The CDC added uterine cancer to the list of covered World Trade Center-related conditionsopens in a new tab or window; women enrolled in the World Trade Center Health Program will have access to cancer care and treatment if their uterine cancer is related to 9/11 exposures. More.

Why Was the 9/11 Memorial Built? Amazing Tour To the Memorial

We all remember well the date 9/11, on which one of the biggest and deadliest terrorist attacks in the history of America took place. No one can forget the horrifying sights of that day. The survivors still feel haunted by even a mere thought of that day. More.

New Law Compensates Families of 9/11 Terror Attack Victims

The Fairness Act will provide relief to over 5,000 victims spouses and dependents. Pat Battle reports. More.