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Preparedness Training

Preparedness Training VOICES educational and training programs help communities prepare for, and respond to tragedy, based on over two decades of firsthand experience providing support services for thousands of victims’ families, responders and survivors in the aftermath of 9/11. VOICES is uniquely qualified to provide a short and long-term framework that fosters resilience and helps communities heal. Working with public-private partners, we share lessons learned and train community stakeholders to ensure a coordinated response that benefits the community-at-large.

VOICES Community Preparedness Training, Monthly Preparedness Initiatives, Preparing for After Resource Kit, and ongoing programs demonstrate our commitment to making communities safter.

VOICES Preparedness Training provides a comprehensive framework to ensure community stakeholders incorporate a victim-centered approach into their response strategy. Trainings highlight: Individual and Community Resilience, Response Considerations, Mental Health and Wellness, Community Planning, and Pathways Forward. Modules are presented in-person or virtually.
VOICES Preparedness Resources offer monthly guides and tip-sheets to prepare individuals and communities before an emergency occurs. VOICES advocated for September to be designated as National Preparedness month. Recognizing that preparedness begins at home and is vitally important in all aspects of our lives, we remain committed to promoting awareness throughout the year.
VOICES Preparing for After Resource Kit is based on extensive research and interviews conducted with those who responded to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing and the shootings at Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois University and in Tucson, Arizona. The kit offers an informative guide of lessons learned to help community stakeholders better prepare for and respond to a tragedy.
Thank You to Our Community Preparedness Training Sponsors
Fairfield County's Community Foundation
New Canaan Community Foundation