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VOICES Symposium September 9 Panel Videos

Photographs from VOICES 21st Annual Symposium
VOICES 21st Annual Remembrance Symposium was held in partnership with LinCT-AA and INVICTM. The September 9 program, Building Trust During Turbulent Times, brought together international experts in law enforcement, counterterrorism and victim advocacy. Presentations highlighted global threats, legacy projects, a victim-centered response, leadership strategies, and lessons learned in the aftermath of tragedy.
John Miller, former NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence delivered the keynote address. Our honored guest, Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, provided opening remarks for the evening program. The 9/11 Commission discussion, with Governor Tom Kean and key stakeholders, featured the documentary, Are We Safer Today?, concluded a powerful and remarkably informative first day.
A special thanks to generous donors and to our speakers who gave of their time and talent. We invite you to view the symposium presentations and photographs of the event below.
September 9 Presentation Videos
Welcome & Opening Remarks
As VOICES 2022 Remembrance Symposium begins, Frank and Mary Fetchet, Sue O’Sullivan, and John Parkinson welcome everyone attending in-person and virtually, and provide brief opening remarks.
Mary Fetchet – Founding Director, Voices Center for Resilience
Sue O’Sullivan – INVICTM, Chair and LINCT-AA Executive Advisory Board
John Parkinson – Former UK Chief of Police
Keynote Address: Building Trust in Turbulent Times
John Miller (Keynote) – NYPD Deputy Commissioner, Intelligence & CT (Ret.)
John Miller, Former Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence for the New York Police Department, provides keynote remarks on Building Trust During Turbulent Times. John’s decades of experience with investigations into potential terrorist activity, the collection of detailed intelligence, and the development of complex and effective strategies prior to potential terrorist attacks, lays the groundwork for the September 9 program.
Special Remarks
Vincent Talucci – Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer, IACP
Understanding the Current Threat Environment
Key experts provide an overview of the current threat environment. Panelists highlight the importance of establishing public-private partnerships to ensure collaboration and an effective response and more.
Rich Esposito (Moderator) – New York Police Department ex NBC
Rebecca Weiner – Assistant Commissioner for Intelligence Bureau, NYPD
Dr. Sajjan Gohel – International Security Director, Asia-Pacific Foundation
Rich Stanek – Co-Founder, Public Safety Strategies Group, LLC.
Operation Kenova: A Framework for Legacy Investigations
Panelists discuss Operation Kenova, an investigation into alleged states' agents in Northern Ireland. From the onset, the leadership established a framework that integrated a victim centered approach in all aspects of the investigation, setting best practices for legacy investigations.
John Parkinson (Moderator) – Former UK Chief of Police
Jon Boutcher – Operation Kenova, Lead
Maria McDonald – INVICTM, Founding Member
Incorporating a Victim-Centered Approach: Lessons Learned
Victims’ advocates share their personal and professional experience in responding to the needs of those impacted by tragedy, in the US and abroad. Panelists highlight lessons learned in supporting victims’ families, survivors, responders and the community-at-large.
Sue O’Sullivan (Moderator) – INVICTM, Chair
An Verelst – Psychosocial Manager, Belgian Public Health
Pauline Okroglic – Legal Officer, VSE Affairs, France Victimes
Mary Fetchet – Founding Director, Voices Center for Resilience
Leadership in the Aftermath of Mass Tragedy
Leadership is critical in the aftermath of a tragedy. In this session panelists share lessons learned in the aftermath of the shootings in Newtown, Las Vegas and other tragedies. The discussion provides today’s leaders with important considerations to help prepare them to face new challenges.
Heather Cartwright (Moderator) – Director, DOJ/OVT (Ret.)
Colonel Dan Stebbins – Colonel Connecticut State Police (Ret.)
Dean Haydon – Senior Coordinator, UK Counter Terrorism Policing (Ret.)
Kevin McMahill – Incoming Clark County Sheriff, LVMPD Undersheriff
Honored Guest
Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security addresses VOICES Symposium audience about the status of our Nation’s security in 2022.
Alejandro Mayorkas – Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security
9/11 Commission Documentary Discussion
Highlights of the Documentary, Are We Safer Today?
This panel discusses the 9/11 Commission, and highlights of Are We Safer Today? - a documentary chronicling the memories and observations of the 9/11 Commissioners on the largest investigation in US history that led to sweeping intelligence reforms. The conversation includes Governor Thomas Kean, Chair of the 9/11 Commission, and other key stakeholders as they reflect on our Nation’s progress towards implementing their recommendations and commemorate twenty years since their formation.
Thomas H Kean – Former Governor of NJ, Chairman of 9/11 Commission
Philip Zelikow – White Burkett Miller Professor of History, University of VA
Barbara A. Grewe – Senior Principal, International Strategy & Policy, MITRE
Robert Massie – Senior Principal, International Strategy & Policy, MITRE
Mary Fetchet – Founding Director, Voices Center for Resilience
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