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New York Marriott Downtown | 85 West Street | NYC

2024 NYC Symposium | September 10th

VOICES 23rd Annual Remembrance Symposium
September 10th | 9/11 Community
Victims' Families, Responders, Survivors, and Providers
New York Marriott Downtown
85 West Street, New York City
VOICES is hosting its Annual New York City Symposium on September 9 and September 10. The two-day event, held in person and broadcast live, is presented in partnership with Leadership in Counter Terrorism Alumni Association and the International Network Supporting Victims of Terrorism and Mass Violence, along with our 9/11 Community Partners.
September 10th is supported by our 9/11 Community Partners who have devoted their careers to assisting all those impacted by 9/11. The program underscores VOICES mission to provide long-term support for victims’ families, responders and survivors, with updates on issues, including mental health and medical care, litigation, compensation and more. The event allows the 9/11 Community to gather ahead of the anniversary.
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Voices Center for ResilienceVoices Center for Resilience (VOICES)
Founded in the aftermath of 9/11, Voices Center for Resilience, (formerly Voices of September 11th) provides long-term support and access to mental health care and resources for thousands of victims' families, responders and survivors. VOICES collaborates with its partners to assist communities to prepare for, respond to and recover from tragedies, in the United States and abroad. With an emphasis on providing support, education and training, VOICES comprehensive, victim-centered approach underscores a commitment to promote resilience in the lives of those impacted and builds bridges between communities affected by tragedy.

About Our Symposium Partners

LinCT-AALeadership in Counter Terrorism Alumni Association (LinCT-AA)
Since its inception in 2008, the LinCT-AA has brought together senior police and intelligence leaders from the “Five Eyes” – Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States – to promote personal and professional development, networking, exchange of good practices, and global thinking. LinCT-AA leaders continue to ensure that victims have been included in and considered as essential partners in the discussions and the work of the association.
INVICTMThe International Network Supporting Victims of Terrorism and Mass Violence (INVICTM)
Created in 2016, INVICTM brings together trusted experts dedicated to improving support for victims of terrorism and mass violence. The strength of INVICTM lies in the ability to share lessons learned, leverage the knowledge and expertise of its members and their networks, to influence change and turn research into action within our own countries and globally. The group of over 30 international members includes NGOs, law enforcement agencies, civil society members and other experts that provide information based upon their background, country and professional perspective.

About Our Symposium Affiliates

NYPD SheildNYPD Shield
The NYPD Shield program is a public-private partnership, established in 2005 by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) Its mission is to strengthen collaboration between the NYPD and private security professionals, as well as serve as a communication platform with private-sector entities on security and counterterrorism-related matters. Through this program, the NYPD shares information and resources with leading security professionals and law enforcement agencies worldwide, creating a force multiplier in the fight against terrorism. By engaging both private and public sector leaders, the NYPD aims to prevent potential terrorist attacks and enhance overall security within New York City and beyond.

Past Symposium Presentations

September 9, 2023
Building Trust Through Partnerships
VOICES, LinCT-AA, INVICTM and fellow colleagues on September 9 held informative presentations and lessons learned by distinguished professionals working in national security, law enforcement, counterterrorism, emergency response, and victim services.
September 10, 2023
Forging Pathways to Resilience
The program included information about resources and relevant discussions about topics that still impact 9/11 victims’ families, responders and survivors. Presentations included updates from experts who have dedicated their professional lives to supporting the 9/11 community.
September 9, 2022
Building Trust During Turbulent Times
Building Trust During Turbulent Times highlighted the important collaboration between LinCT-AA, INVICTM and VOICES. Building upon LinCT-AA’s 2022 Better Together Conference, presenters shared their expertise based on firsthand experience, identify challenges, and propose solutions through public-private partnerships, in the US and abroad.
September 10, 2022
Support Beyond the 20th Anniversary
Support Beyond the 20th Anniversary addressed the issues that continue to impact the 9/11 community more than 20 years later. Dedicated professionals shared their expertise and provide updates. Sessions highlighted mental health considerations, commemoration, compensation, pending litigation and an introduction to new agency leadership.