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Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00am - 4:00pm | September 1st – October 9th
Silvermine Arts Center | 1037 Silvermine Rd, New Canaan, CT

Voices of Reflection 9/11 Art Exhibit | 2021

Voices of Reflection Art Exhibit

View VOICES private, curated collection of artistic expressions by artists of all ages from around the world. The 20th Anniversary was a fitting time to share our collection of art – reflections of hope and healing in response to 9/11 – created over two decades. A special “thank you” to our sponsors who helped make the art exhibit possible.


Voices of Expression: Stories of Hope and Healing
We invite you to learn the stories from some of the artists in this exhibit, as they share thier reflections of hope and healing through art, in response to 9/11 over two decades.
Included is reflections from Diane Brudnicki, who runs the Seattle Art Project, which features compilations of artwork created by students to support 9/11 families. Also featured is John Coburn, an Toronto, Canada artist who shared his story of his 20 year journey from 9/11. And Robert Carley, a Darien, CT photographer that traveled around the United States after 9/11 documenting the history of the patriotism around the country.

Artists & Prints
VOICES extensive collection includes pieces of inspirational artwork, mail art, photographs, sculptures, drawings, and quilts. These contemplative, artistic creations express a range of emotions – among them empathy, grief, compassion, friendship and patriotism.
Celebrate your favorite artworks with reproductions featuring details from various works using state-of-the-art printing technology and materials.
John Coburn
9/11 Site Wish
27" x 12" Photo matte paper
David Matlock
Re Tour, 2021
35" x 24" - Photo matte paper
Cheryl Gross
Flag Waver
30" x 42" - Giclee (Canvas - matte finish)
Robert Carley
Barn in Cornfield
20" x 16" - Fine Art Photo Print
Robert Carley
20" x 16" - Fine Art Photo Print
Robert Carley
Patriotism Branching Out
20" x 16" - Fine Art Photo Print
Rachel Land Alm
Rise Again Together
8" x 10" - Fine Art Photo Print
Anne Dziok
10" x 8" - Fine Art Photo Print
Anne Dziok
Love Lives Here
24" x 36" - Giclee (Canvas - matte finish)
Rebekah Kreiger & Rachel Land Alm
Forget Me Not
24" x 13" - Giclee (Canvas - matte finish)
Ben Brudnicki
Paragon Skyline
8" x 10" - Fine Art Photo Print

Thank You to Our Sponsors
We would also like to thank: Bonnie & Bob McNamara • Stephanie & Jim Vos • Mary & Frank Fetchet