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Mass Violence Tip Sheets

VOICES Tip Sheets
Promoting Healing and Community Resilience in the Aftermath of Mass Violence

In the aftermath of an act of mass violence or tragedy where there is loss of life and/or injury, those impacted are often in shock and uncertain about how to access critical information. Whether you are a family member who lost a loved one, or someone who survived or witnessed the event, you will need guidance on how to find resources in the days and months ahead. Children in the community are especially vulnerable and will need close observation within a safe, supportive environment.

First responders and mental health practitioners, no matter how well-trained, may be exposed to highly stressful circumstances in addition to enduring intense workloads and long hours. Effective management of the media following a tragedy is critical for those impacted, as well as the community-at-large.

Voices Center for Resilience (VOICES) produced Tip Sheets with a grant from Public Safety Canada based on extensive research and lessons learned. VOICES Tip Sheets provide specific, timely guidance for victims’ families, survivors, first responders and health care practitioners. Information is also available on talking with children as well mental health considerations for the short and long-term.

Family members who have lost a loved one as a result of mass violence will need guidance for what to do next and how to cope in the days ahead.
Those who survive an act of mass violence may have witnessed horrific scenes of death, injury, and destruction. They may have narrowly escaped or been injured.
In the aftermath of a tragedy or act of mass violence, responders from various levels of government and other organizations will immediately deploy.
Practitioners can greatly reduce survivors’ fear and anxiety through compassionate communication and empathy.
When a tragedy occurs in your community, parents often struggle with talking to their children. Children are likely to know when something bad has happened.
Following acts of mass violence, it is important to know what to expect, how you can cope, and when you should seek professional help.
Events of mass violence are often covered by news outlets in great detail and spread immediately through vast coverage.
Voices of September 11th has created several tip sheets with funding from Public Safety Canada. This document provides guidance about their use.

Contact our office at 203-966-3911, or email at support [at] (Support[at]VoicesCenter[dot]org) if we can be of assistance.