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Few things are more meaningful than helping those who reach out to us asking for assistance. At Voices of September 11th we provide hope and healing.

Last year we helped several thousand individuals who suffer from the effects of 9/11, as well as those who were impacted by other tragedies around the world.

Every day of the year our staff answers calls from families, first responders, and survivors, who are coping with unimaginable challenges and in desperate need of support for themselves and their families. Many are suffering from serious medical and mental health conditions.

That is why I am writing to you today. As acts of mass violence continue to rise, our ability to assist communities with the diverse resources they need to survive and thrive is greatly supported by your generosity.

Each and every person we touch means the world to us, and we are deeply grateful for your continued support. Your gift today will make a big difference tomorrow and every day!