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Martin was my friend. He played an on line game with us, the Raiders of Valor in Ultima Online. He was a bard, valient and true. he was my friend.

Posted by Bryan Thompson

I loved looking at all the photos...his children have grown so much...I still think about him every day...

Posted by Angela Besignano

Dear dad

I miss you soo much i wish you were here to see monkey noodle's and andy pants grow up we miss you a lot we love you and we will never forget you. You will always be in our hearts and will stay there forever and ever. =] I hope you were here to live out the good and bad in the family. Well never forget you we love you soo much. We will never forget that.

Posted by Theresa Giovinazzo

Just dropping you a note to say we still think of you. We have moved on to several different online games. The graphics have come a long way from 10 years ago. The Raiders of Valor are going to reunite in StarWars when it comes out. We all still think of you and wonder what your chartoon would be like today. Guess with the recent vents we have all been thinking of you. I know we haven't talked / posted much but it doesn't mean we have forgotten you. You will always be in our hearts and thoughts as we continue our online games and strike down our foes. :-) Till next time . . . To Martins family . . . I hope you guys are doing well and finding peace with all that has happened. We really only got to know Martin online and the one time we all met in Tampa Florida just before 9/11 . . .I know we don't have to tell you what a good friend and all around great person he was. I don't know her real name but his niece also play Ultima Online with us her char name was Loveless? Please tell her the Raiders of Valor gang says hello. Later this year we will be moving to StarWars. If she still plays online games she is welcome to join us. She can contact us via Facebook or register on the StarWars website. Link below our guild name is Raiders of Valor Always thinking of you and your family Mike & Kimi and the rest of the Raiders of Valor gang.

Published by Mike & Kimi

I rode in memory of respect for and in honor of Martin Giovinazzo in the 2 MILLION BIKER MARCH TO WASHINGTON DC ON SEPTEMBER 11 2013. In God we trust. God bless America.

Published by Sugar Soba

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Place of Residence:
Staten Island, NY
Location on 9/11:
Marsh & McLennan | Maintenance Mechanic

Martin was born and raised in Staten Island, NY October 5th 1966 born to Martin and Domenica Giovinazzo. Martin had three sisters Angela,Tina and Rose Marie and an older brother Dominick who passed away in an automobile accident in February of 1976. Growing up Martin was active in little league baseball and loved super heros, one of his favorites was Spiderman. In his adult years he had a tattoo placed on the outer part of his right leg, right in the center between his knee and ankle, of Spiderman although his all time favorite was Captain America. In Martin's early teen years he met his childhood sweetheart, Dorothy whom he married August 4th 1990 and had three children, Theresa, Ashley and Andrew. Martin enjoyed his computer he loved playing his games, he was a kid at heart. He and Dorothy would attend baseball conventions together where he would purchase most of his baseball memorabilia he also enjoyed collecting Marvel comics, and collectable Marvel paintings. He also loved his music and enjoyed attending a NY Mets ball game with his friends.