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I grew up with John Lenihan as my absolute best friend and more like a brother. When we lost Joe it was like losing a close brother, a friend, a kind soul and a witty person. Joe would always help you out if you needed anything... it is a strange comparison but Joe and John were so close it reminds me of the time that we lost John Lennon and what that effect had on Paul McCartney. You couldn't picture one without the other. It was a really great brother relationship that you don't always see. Just before Thanksgiving we would go over to Duffy and have all of our brothers and play touch football, it was some of the best years of our lives. It was a time of innocence. We would spend much time on the Maplewood Ranch and David would be demonstrating the "Sky Hook" and Paul Peterson was shooting 22s in a garbage can. Mrs. Lenihan had large cabbages cooking and the aroma permeated the kitchen and out the back door. We would play hoop chat, fool around and enjoy those young years

Posted by Mark Lewis

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