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100 Veterans Memorial Highway
Hauppauge, NY 11788
United States
Dedicated to:

the 136 Suffolk residents lost as a result of the trade center attacks.

Victims Listed:
Andrew Anthony Abate
Lt. Brian G. Ahearn
Capt. James Amato
Joseph John Angelini Jr. "Joe"
Joseph J. Angelini Sr.
Ezra Aviles
Sheila P. Barnes
Craig Michael Blass
Frank J. Bonomo
Kimberly S. Bowers
Francis H. Brennan "Frank/Zelmo"
Peter Brennan
Capt. Daniel J. Brethel "Danny"
Thomas M. Butler
James Christopher Cappers
Nicholas P. Chiofalo Jr.
Susan M. Clyne
Steven Coakley "Steve"
Robert D. Colin
Ronald Comer
Joseph A. Corbett "Joe"
Kevin M. Cosgrove
Lt. John A. Crisci
Dennis A. Cross
Vincent D'Amadeo
Tara M. Debek
Anna DeBin
Martin N. DeMeo "Marty"
Thomas F. Dennis "Tom"
Lt. Andrew Desperito
Judith Diaz-Sierra
Raymond M. Downey Sr.
Gerard Duffy
Michael J. Duffy
Dennis M. Edwards
Eric Adam Eisenberg
Mark J. Ellis
William Lawrence Fallon Jr.
Dolores B. Fanelli
Capt. Thomas Farino
FF Terrence Patrick Farrell
Thomas P. Farrelly
Andre G. Fletcher
Ana Fosteris
Thomas Gambino Jr.
Cynthia Giugliano
Jeffrey Grant Goldflam
Lt. Geoffrey E. Guja
Philip T. Hayes
Lt. Michael K. Healey
Lt. Timothy Higgins
Jake Denis Jagoda
Maxima Jean-Pierre
William R. Johnston
Christopher D. Jones
Andrew Jordan
Frederick H. Kelley
Thomas R. Kelly "Tommy"
Thomas J. Kennedy
Gary H. Lee
Robert Michael Levine
Carlos R. Lillo
Farrell P. Lynch
Louise A. Lynch
William J. Mahoney II
Joseph E. Maloney "Teddy"
Debra M. Mannetta "Debbie"
Lt. Peter C. Martin
Jose Martinez
Rudolph Mastrocinque "Rudy"
Michael Desmond McCarthy
William J. McGovern "Bill"
Thomas M. McHale ""The Laugher""
Terence McShane
Martin E. McWilliams
Rocco A. Medaglia
Raymond Meisenheimer
Charles M. Mills Jr.
Thomas Mingione
Frank V. Moccia Sr.
Capt. Thomas Moody
Richard Muldowney Jr.
Kevin James Murphy
Lt. John P. Napolitano
Manika Narula
Laurence Nedell
Peter A. Nelson
Dennis O'Berg
Lt. Daniel O'Callaghan
Peter J. O'Neill Jr.
Michael C. Opperman
Michael J. Otten
Joseph John Perroncino
Edward J. Perrotta
Edward Rall
Lorenzo Ramzey
Matthew Rogan
Joseph M. Romagnolo
Mark H. Rosen
Lt. Michael Thomas Russo
Francis John Sadocha "Frank"
Paul F. Sarle
Gerard P. Schrang "Juice"
Stanley Smagala Jr.
Daniel Laurence Smith "Danny"
Kevin J. Smith
Bonnie S. Smithwick
Daniel Suhr
James Joseph Suozzo
Robert Sutcliffe
Michael Taddonio
Brian T. Thompson
John J Tipping II
Daniel Patrick Trant "Dan"
John T. Vigiano II "Vig"
John Wallice Jr. "Red"
Derrick Washington
Kenneth Watson
Oleh D. Wengerchuk
Lt. Glenn Wilkinson
Kevin M. Williams

“Gardens of Remembrance” is a permanent memorial to honor the memories of the 136 Suffolk residents lost as a result of the trade center attacks.

The design is composed of three elements: A central inaccessible garden planted with local foliage, intended to grow naturally without intervention; surrounded by a manicured accessible garden incorporating the rest of the one-acre site, in Armed Forces Park, Hauppauge, N.Y.; and the boundary between the two gardens, a wall composed of 136 individual, clear glass panels.

At eye level, each panel is etched with the name of one of the victims, along with date of birth, occupation and local town. A portrait of the victim is etched above eye level in such a way that each can only be seen from a bench underneath that individual panel. Looking up, the face of each individual will be seen against the backdrop of the sky.