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I met Howard when I was a post-doc and he was a graduate student in physics at Columbia University. He was very bright and motivated. I am so sad at his untimely loss. I just visited the 9/11 site and am overcome with grief.

Posted by Peter Landecker

It has been nine years since the tragic events of September 11 but it often seems like yesterday. I can still hear Howard's voice and I can still see the gleam in his eyes and his contagious smile beaming especially whenever he talked about his daughter Lauren. Howard was an extraordinary person -- or as Mama would say A real mensch!!! I could expound at length upon his kindness his accomplishments and his good deeds. But the full measure of a persons essence they say may be understood by how much he is loved. In Howard's case that measure extends to infinity for he will forever live in the hearts of those who knew him. I feel privileged to have been one of them.

Published by Nicki Orbach

Not lost to time but always remembered. He was strong funny steadfast loyal and selfless. And he was taken in the prime of his life. His loss is incalculable especially to his wife Gran and daughter Lauren and to us in his wider family as well.

Published by Herb Kestenbaum

What a lovely brother-in-law Howie was. His warmth and sense of humor were always near the surface. He adored his wife and daughter and provided significant support for his mother especially after his father s death. He performed quiet mitzvahs made a serious study of the Kaballah and had a collection of baseball cards. A man of quiet contrasts. A true Mensch.

Published by Toni Kestenbaum

your patients and loyalty were always present when it came to our families such as mine and bonnies and tinas....boy do we miss you

published by marion kessler

Although I never had a chance to meet Howard his impact and influence on Lauren's life and who she is and in many ways what I love most about her is a treasure. Not to mention her passed-down affinity for cheeseburgers and milkshakes are really fun too! His spirit will forever live on in our family.

Published by Ryan Darst

I just (November 2012)found out from an old friend that we lost Howie on 9/11. He and I shared a two-person desk in English class in junior year of high school. He was a wrestling champion back then a great guy the kind you don't forget (obviously, even after 50 years). Just had to pay my respects. He was one of the good guys.

Posted by Pauli Cranes

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