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Place of Residence:
Staten Island, NY
Location on 9/11:
Cantor Fitzgerald | Operations Manager
The Sirius Foundation

Beverly LaVerne Crew, the fourth of five daughters born to David Morris and Dorothy LaVerne Crew, was the spitting image of her father. Her fair skin, her mannerisms, and her big eyes could not be misleading standing next to him. Bev, as she was intimately known to her family and friends, was born in Darby Township, Pennsylvania on June 24, 1960. Coming from a military background, the family moved quite a few times, from Pennsylvania to Quantico, Virginia, then to Jacksonville, North Carolina where Beverly grew up. Having moved quite a few times exposed the Crew girls to a diverse community of people and cultures, not to mention the nudging received from Mom to try something new and different. Bev came to enjoy music, the beach, traveling to Pennsylvania to visit her grandparents, enjoying her family, and losing herself in a good book, especially autobiographies. From the many books she read including history, geography, and people, Bev’s knowledge base grew. All of the reading Beverly did made it apparent that she was no match when it came to memory games – she was a fierce competitor. None of her sisters could beat her at memory recall or strategy games – and in the slight instance that they did, it was their last win. The nice thing about Bev winning these games was that she didn’t brag about it or hold your shortcomings against you, regardless of how low you felt – Bev simply liked the satisfaction of knowing the right answer. Beverly set her course as early as her pre-teen years. As Beverly matured into a young woman, she was determined to carry out three things she felt would round out her life and make it complete: move to New York, go to college, and settle down with a good man. Her mind was fixed on a destination heading north – New York City. Beverly graduated from Jacksonville Sr. High School and began working for a telecommunications company in Jacksonville. With the changing events in the company, Bev’s position in telecommunications was relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, where she lived for a short period until she married her husband Frederick E. Curry, III, a native New Yorker. The two of them, newly married, moved to the destination of her dreams, New York City. Staten Island became their home. Beverly had now accomplished two of the three things she wanted to achieve. After a few years of living in New York and the uneventful routine of daily work, Beverly decided to attend college for no other reason than to keep up with her ever-learning husband. Bev didn’t have a real plan, she was not looking for a degree, but rather to take classes on subjects she enjoyed reading about. That line of thinking soon changed when she began being recruited by outside companies and the consistent honor roll status she achieved. Bev was quietly impressed with her own accomplishment. Over a period of nine years working full time and attending classes, Bev was seeing the end of the tunnel when she expected to graduate from The College of Staten Island with her bachelors degree in Finance, in the spring of 2002. A new course was about to be set when Beverly decided that she and Fred would relocate to Atlanta, Georgia, where she was hoping the rest of her family would follow. After years of hard work and nine years of collegiate study, Beverly was closer than ever to earning a degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance. She continually distinguished herself among her peers at The College of Staten Island by repeatedly making the Dean’s list with her high grade point average of 3.83 year after year. Astronomy and art history were the courses Bev was most fond of. Beverly expected to graduate from CSI in the Spring of 2002 and she was quite proud of her accomplishment, considering that her early intent was to take courses for leisure. September 11, 2001 would not allow Bev to see the final piece of her three-point plan come together. Though she had a strong belief in her faith, we could only imagine that the final hours in the World Trade Center, Tower One, Beverly was assisting someone because that was her way. It is because of Beverly’s dedication, determination, and love of knowledge that The Sirius Foundation came to be. In the vein of professionalism in her business, self enrichment through her studies and community service, The Sirius Foundation was established to recognize like-minded African American woman. The recipients of the Beverly Curry Scholarship award continually recognize Beverly’s achievement as they continue on in their life and goals. The Sirius Foundation is honored to be part of a legacy left by a beautifully bright and wonderful person, Beverly LaVerne Curry.