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Goodness it seems just like yesterday that we were all at the lake makin jokes n having a great time! I find myself just falling into tears outta nowhere cuz the littlest thing will make u pop into my head. I miss "my Al" with all my heart and i know no one understands that as much as you. Next month it will b 8 yrs. Where did the time go? You know how u used to say that when we are married we will forget all about it? Well unfortunately this is one pain that I don't think will ever go away. I love you so much and miss u more than anything. I just cant wait for the day when i will get to see and hug you again! I love u Al!!!!

Posted by Melinda Casares

Love, your petunia..

I remember Officer Marchand growing up...He actually gave me my first driving ticket! But he was known affectionately by all the high schoolers!

Posted by April C. De Witt

I am deeply sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine what it must be like to have had Alfred in your life one day and gone the next. the people on the planes are not normally thought of first when it comes to the attack on 9/11, but after reading some of the biographies of the people that died, I will think of the pilots and passengers on the planes. I once again say that I am deeply sorry for your loss of someone who seems to have been a good man. I will always remember.

Posted by Mariah Erickson

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