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1600 Exposition Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95815
United States

Contact Name: Larry Davis

Cal Expo’s 9/11 Memorial Plaza is an outdoor permanent exhibit that covers the tragic events of September 11th; Flight 93, the Pentagon attack and the World Trade Center attack. The 9/11 Memorial Plaza features a steel I-Beam, a 125,000 pound piece of wreckage from “Ground Zero” at New York City’s World Trade Center; and a 5,180 pound granite sphere and fountain facet. The granite sphere is inscribed with the names of all 3,071 victims, and is suspended upon a fountain of water which the ball to be felt and rotated by hand to view its entire surface. In 2003, a 50-foot-tall Carillon Bell Tower with 23 “Singing Bells” was added to the Plaza display where it soothes and entertains visitors with a number of inspirational tunes.”