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Route 522 and Taylor Mills Road
Manalapan, NJ 07726
United States
Date Created:
Dedicated to:

the eleven residents of Manalapan killed on 9/11 along with all other victims.

Contact Information:

Jamie - emailed contact to see if they can hand out pamphlets on anniversary 8-18-10

The memorial is to be a contemplative site of remembrance, that interacts with and softens the built granite memorial. Eleven trees will be planted for the Manalapan residents that died, as well as one more tree for all of the remaining victims and heroes. <BR><BR><b>Reason site was selected: </b> Manalapan wanted its own, local memorial because they felt that the WTC site was too far and even too frightening to visit any time one wanted to remember. Their site was selected because the Manalapn arboretum is a work in progress that is only 25% planted thus far (eventually it will have 140 trees). The memorial trees will help create a shady, landscaped area in front of the town hall in the center of the township, rather than just a barren lawn. Moreover, a committee of widows of 9-11 was convened, and they unanimously chose the arboretum as the best site for a public memorial. They wanted a memorial in a public area, rather than off in a cemetery. It is in a heavily trafficked area, across the street from the often frequented playing fields. Already on the site are plazas with gazebos, one dedicated to residents, one to public servants, and one to veterans. <BR><BR><b>Events planned for site: </b> Thus far, Manalapan Englishtown Middle School held an art contest to design the granite memorial, which was then finalized by the Township Engineer. There will be a symbolic September 11 groundbreaking, as well as a tree dedication to the fallen victims later. The good public access ensures that the memorial will be seen often.

Do you believe your memorial is a sacred place? Members of the Shade Tree Committee said that the memorial is sacred in that it should never be changed and the public should never forget why they were planted.