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Piece of landing gear from 9/11 planes found, a sad reminder of a solemn day


Now they find a piece of landing gear from one of the planes that hit our buildings nearly 12 years ago, like one more - or one last - piece of the wreckage of that day. It is also a reminder of something else, in the shadow of what happened at the Boston Marathon two weeks ago today: There are all the other terrible days this country has known on its own shores, and there is Sept. 11 of 2001. All the other bad days, and that day. It does not minimize anything that has happened in America in all the years since, any other tragedy. Does not change what happened on Boylston St. in Boston when the Tsarnaev brothers set off their mean, cheap bombs near the finish of the Boston Marathon. Does not change what has happened in the years since Sept. 11 because of guns in the hands of mass murderers. More.

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