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Giving Thanks


During this season of Thanksgiving, all of us at VOICES would like to thank each of you who have supported our work over the year.

Corporations Giving Back
Our thanks to our corporate volunteers from Goldman Sachs, Greenwich Associates and National Debt Relief who volunteered their time at a variety of events.
Goldman Sachs and National Debt Relief assisted our staff at our September 9 Resiliency Symposium and September 10 Information Forum. Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks Day helped enhance our 9/11 Living Memorial archive. Greenwich Associates that volunteers at our annual Golf Outing.

Professionals Sharing Expertise
VOICES is indebted to the more than 60 professionals who contributed their time and expertise to making our Annual September Events in New York City and our Preparing For After Conference at Grace Farms, CT in March. Mental health professionals, legal experts, subject matter experts and advocates, many who have dedicated their careers to helping the 9/11 community have contributed to making these meaningful and informative events.
We also appreciate the clinicians who provided support during special events such as the opening of the Memorial Glade at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City. Collaborations with these talented individuals throughout the year have helped.

Champions Sponsoring Our Events
Thanks to all who contributed to making our 2019 Fundraising events a success, including those who attended and helped sponsor the events, and our dedicated Committee Members.
VOICES Always Remember Gala Champions – our Honorees, Deputy Commissioner John Miller, John Feal, the Wolfgruber family and friends, and VOICES Ambassador and Emcee Mike Greenberg.
VOICES Annual Golf Outing Sponsors - Bankwell, ESPN Radio, Jet Blue, Kane 11, New Balance New Canaan, PVH, Rand Insurance and Lexus of Larchmont.
VOICES September Resiliency Symposium and Information Forum Sponsors: Motley Rice, LLC; Turken, Heath and McCauley, LLP; Kreindler & Kreindler; FealGood Foundation and Barasch, McGarry and Speiser Krause.

VOICES Interns Create a Legacy
Our thanks to VOICES Summer 2019 interns - Sally Clayton, Abigail Deery, Rachel Fox and Page Freyre, Zachary Jones, Tiffany Kiogora, Robert Wallace, and Davis Whitely (Not Pictured). Since its inception, VOICES Internship Program has hosted over 170 high school and college interns from over 60 universities. By working alongside our staff, these dedicated and talented students are creating a legacy for future generations to learn about 9/11 through their firsthand experience.
The internship program culminated in the production of a film, Post 9/11 Paths to Resilience.
Click here to watch the video.
Information about the VOICES Internship Program is available here.

Local, National and International Partners
Thank you to all of our international partners – individuals and organizations which span the world, working on ways to help individuals, families, and communities impacted by acts of mass violence.

VOICES Provides Support Services

VOICES Staff Provides Support Services Including: Assessments, Support Groups, Referrals, Commemorative Events, Workshops.

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